What Do In-House Counsel Really Want?

Fashions may have changed over the psat few years - but one thing appears to remain constant:  In-house Counsel keep telling attorneys and law firms:

There were several valuable sessions and take-aways from the annual Legal Marketing Association conference this week and I will blog on these in the coming days.  The main point I want to impress upon you today:  GCs are asking for the same thing they asked for last year, 5 years ago, 10 years ago, and so on.  They tell us (and you) - they will be most open to business discussions, proposals, and relationships from those who demonstrate deep and clear knowledge of their industries and their challenges, and those who truly seek to get to know them, not just pitch to another "prospect."

So the question is:  What will you do this year/right now - to outline a plan and a system for deeper understanding of your clients and prospects?  With whom will you develop the plan?  With whom will you share the plan?  Who will hold you accountable so that you stay on message and on goal?

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