Flip Cat Consulting provides compliance-based marketing and business growth strategy designed for our clients' goals to understand, target, and develop client relationships.  Services include:

A. Legal Marketing and Client Relationship Development
Flip Cat works with a variety of firms, from solo practitioners to large firms.  Arrangements vary from short-term/project-based assignments to long-term and fractional CMO relationships.  We can work off-site and at your location.  Within the law firm setting, we advise on:

  • Practice development
  • Client development and business growth tactics
  • Annual/project business plans (inc. related budgets)
  • Personal/team development
  • Digital Marketing tools
  • Social Media strategy (inc. training)
  • Content development and curation
  • RFP responses
  • Special event logistics

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B. Business Development Strategy
We identify what distinguishes a client from its competition and tailor strategy to communicate that distinction.  We collaborate with clients to create actionable business development plans designed for timetable, project, and/or business sector goals.  We assess present marketing activities, future goals, target markets, competitive analysis, budgets, follow-through methods, and means for measuring progress (KPIs). 

C. Social Media and Digital Media Strategy & Management
Flip Cat designs, produces, and manages Social/Digital strategies aligned with your goals and your capacity to manage and leverage the insights gained through social and digital.  We also provide training on social media platforms, and an ethics CLE on Social Media and the Bar Rules.  Flip Cat can work with your team to create social media policies (for your employees in general, and for those team members who will exclusively manage your online voice and presence).

D. Training
Flip Cat offers training for individuals, groups, organizations.

  • Compliance-based business development, social media, and digital marketing (CLE ethics course)
  • Client relationship cultivation
  • Social media platform set-up, techniques to use/leverage

E. Personal Development/Coaching
We provide individual and small team coaching for personal development and business development growth and understanding.  Flip Cat will help you identify your biggest competitor and show you techniques that can boost confidence and empower you toward success.

F. Public Speaking
Yours - Flip Cat coaches aspiring and established speakers toward greater finesse, confidence, and engagement – whether delivered in person from a stage or podium, or delivered via recorded/live video.
Ours - Flip Cat provides training and CLE courses for organizations, in-house education, practice group development, and for Partner/Management retreats.  Topics include:

  • Practice Development
  • Client Relationship Development
  • Social Media & the Bar Rules (ethics CLE)
  • Leveraging specific social and digital platforms
  • How to design your business development growth plan


  • Monthly retainer / Fractional CMO
  • Project-based periodic engagements
  • Onsite or remote
  • Training
  • CLE and other educational presentations

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