Associates! Ready for Your Review?

At law firms across the nation, Annual Review time is almost upon us.  Are you prepared?  How do you know?  What about the other side?  How accurately have you considered their viewpoint of your work and potential based on the past year?

Whether you are

a) a young associate seeking validation of your work,

b) a senior associate aspiring to make partner,

c) a lawyer wanting to move in a new direction -- 

I encourage you to read my post on this subject, where I encourage associates to build their cases early, to detail what they enjoy and prefer to work on, how they prefer learning, and to consider how they frame the presentation of their arguments.  For example:  you may know what you want -- how does that correlate with and advance the firm's/practice's goals?  How many people should you speak with to alert them to your interests?

"Git 'er done!" ~ Texan for Time to get serious.  [Photo,]

"Git 'er done!" ~ Texan for Time to get serious.  [Photo,]

Git 'er done ASAP.  You will be discussed in October/November -- you need to have positive influence on those discussions, even when you aren't in the room.

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