Quick Friday Roundup

After a hiatus to look after family matters, I will be back to regular blogging soon.  Today, I'd like to share three quick links:


This Big Law Firm Just Appointed a "Chief Client Ambassador" - In the Old Days (1980s-2000s), we called it Client Feedback, and sadly - few firms recognized the deep value of conversations with clients.  I expect more firms will find a way to identify someone with similar capacity, and empower them to do this kind of..."investigative research."

How to Grow Your Practice - With a Book - Legal Marketing Maven, Larry Bodine, shares slides from a recent webinar that may help you discover a way to finally produce the book that's inside you!

When Your Well-Prepared Presentation...Is Unexpectedly Derailed - Mark Schaefer successfully navigates leading-edge topics in marketing and social media in order to inform and advise others for business growth.  Thus, his blog is entitled "Business Grow."  At a recent engagement, where he had prepared an audio-visual keynote presentation...the electricity failed.  The blog outlines great lessons from how Mark handled the impromptu situation.  If you speak as part of your business, or ever plan to - this article is a must-read.


More soon!