THE FLIP CAT BLOG - Introduction

Original date: 12 Dec 2011
Flip Cat Consulting LLC started in January 2011 as a business to provide marketing services to a range of clients. Over the past year, I have added to my 20-plus years of marketing experience by further developing my Business Social Media savvy. But…it’s taken the whole year to start the Flip Cat Blog, though I have collected blog topics throughout the past year.

The purpose of this blog will be to provide original tips and information related to marketing strategy and business development objectives. This will be coupled with noteworthy links and posts from other resources, recommended for their cutting-edge insights.


Best practices and tips for marketing, PR, and Business Social Media.
Posts and tips related to law marketing.
Nutritional tips.
Some political commentary.
Some sports commentary.
A few funny stories.
A majority of my experience comes from work with law firms. Therefore, I often Tweet and post about marketing matters related to the practice of law. But check through those posts even if you aren’t a lawyer (or aren’t even a fan of lawyers) – some of the subjects will relate to general marketing practices as well.

Occasionally, I will comment or share nutritional articles and links because a healthier mind is a more effective mind.

I have been interested in politics for at least the last 17 years, active at the local, state, and national levels. I prefer to consider the candidate, not the party affiliation attached to their last name. That said, I do lean to the conservative side. I expect to comment on 2012 election activities, but my primary business interest is messaging for campaigns. A well-planned, clear and timely message used online and in print is one of the best tools for a candidate. Messaging goes hand-in-hand with fundraising, crisis management, strategy, and more. (That’s also true in business.)

My sports interests are schizophrenic at best. I follow the Red Sox, Dallas Stars, and Green Bay Packers. Schadenfreude is not a positive human trait, but when it comes to the Cowboys, I have Schadenfreude for their losses. I also coach and participate in running, cycling, and triathlon sports, so may often compare race preparation with business preparation, or post information in support of friends who are racing or involved in sports-related businesses.

I’m a glass half-full girl. I try to keep a positive attitude and share that with others. Humor is a great way to spread the cheer…though sometimes my point of view is a bit cerebral or slightly off-kilter.

I welcome your comments and feedback, and suggestions for articles, posts, and featured/guest writers. I prefer to keep this blog clean with respect to language. There are so many incredible ways to express ourselves before resorting to curse words and blue dialogue. I should be able to uphold this promise because I won’t blog while driving. You can’t keep the language clean if you’re on the Tollway in the fast lane behind someone who actually drives the posted limit!