Client Retention & the Calculus of Behaviour

The article below had an intriguiging title, though I almost turned away when I saw the photo associated with it - roughly a math equation full of symbols.  As an English major, I'm amused by calculus and other equations that don't include traditional numbers:

But, I share this article today because it speaks well of the importance of deeper insights around clients' decision-making.  Essentially, the Calculus of Client Purchasing Behaviour.

Seasoned legal marketers have advised firms for years:  there is vaulable gold in conducting client satisfaction surveys -- though few firms actually take advantage of the opportunity to have deep conversations with their clients.

Here's the article from James Bliwas:  How Certainty Affects Client Retention.  His post is brief, and good food for thought during these months when law firms and lawyers consider their plans for the coming year.  Will you know more about your clients and prospects in 2016?