Purpose-Driven Practice

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Purpose-Driven Practice 2 Graphic.png

Purpose-Driven Practice


Ideally, this seminar should be attended as part of the Business Development trio, though it can be attended separately.

Session 1:  Purpose-Driven Practice
Overview/Purpose:  The principles in the first session are designed to give you the methods to define yourself and your career in a way that will withstand future changes, separate you from competitors, and will provide you insights into the foundation for creating lasting, loyal client relationships.  

Scope/Details:  When hundreds of others share your same profession, how do you differentiate yourself sufficiently to: 
-reach ideal targets, 
-build lasting, loyal relationships, and
–protect against external threats?  

The Purpose-Driven Practice seminar is designed to help you identify and describe the unique elements you offer.  The objective is to help you craft or refine your mission and build a foundational point from which all of your business development, client relationship efforts, and communications flow.  Ultimately, you will
> define yourself in a sustainable way that connects with people on a visceral level, 
> enables you to retain and develop loyalty in clients, and
> empowers you to confront future business questions with more efficiency. 

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EVENT DATE: Friday, April 29, 2:00-4:00PM

LOCATION: Attorney Venue, Dallas