Twitter Round-Up POST SMMW - March 25, 2017

Twitter Round-up:  A glimpse of notable comments, ideas, links, and articles.  Topics relate to:  law/legal practice, digital, analytics, social media for lawyers, ethics, innovation, SEO, business development, marketing, and the future of law.

This week, I attended Social Media Marketing World - the world’s largest, intense, fast-paced confluence of thought leadership in the realm of social – with actionable information as the gift.  Tweets below are merely a handful of useful insights. 

INCLUDED:  Fast Track to Know Like Trust · The 3 Jobs of the Future & How to Prepare · Retail AI Read Shoppers’ Intent · Which Bot May Be for You? · What Should You Automate? · Snapchat Insights for Business Application · Educate to Entice Customers · Live Video Still Requires a Strategy · A Helpful Bot for Marketers · Should You Post or Tweet That? · How Social Gratitude Works · Bonus:  Facebook Ads Guide

1.  Live Video is a faster path to the Know-Like-Trust factor.  ~ @KimGarstKim Garst Founder & CEO of Boom!Social.  This was among many great nuggets from Kim (no surprise).  For your consideration:  how might you use Live Video to demonstrate your knowledge, in how many ways will you re-purpose that content to drive traffic and expand your audience, and WHEN will you start?

2.  Christopher S. Penn, @CSPenn, VP of Marketing Technology at SHIFT Communications, (for a giggle, go to their website to view the dog video in their home page) spoke on Artificial Intelligence.  He believes the future will involve three primary job roles:  Developers, Data Scientists, and Marketing Technologists who can convert data into business results.  Regardless of your profession, today you ARE a marketer in that it is incumbent upon you to help tell and drive your story.  In the future, you should be conversant with data in order to synthesize its value -- for you and for those whom you serve.

2b. As a Marketer, I want to shore up my capabilities in math & stats.  Penn recommends learning R or Python – programming languages for data science, to broaden your repertoire of what you can offer.  Dan Lear @RightBrainLaw discusses the pros & cons of lawyers learning to code.  For my role, and what I think Penn appropriately answered for my situation, I plan to study up to be conversant.  As an advisor, I need to know sufficiently about a product or service in order to recommend and leverage it.  I believe the same can be said for what Lear recommends.  You can choose your depth.

3.  Right now, stores in Japan are equipped to read a shopper’s intent upon entering a store.  Do they want to browse, get-in-get-out, are they there for the first time or a regular shopper?  This note came from @Sandy_Carter, Sandy Carter --  a driving force at IBM and currently its Worldwide GM of Ecosystem Development, who was part of the SMMW Keynote Panel that discussed the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on social media and marketing.  My follow-up for you:  What could you do with how you approach your work and what could be implemented on your website to help you gauge client intent and needs – faster and more accurately?  This ultimately should reduce the timeline to engagement, although it doesn’t have to eschew the human factor.  In other words:  how might #AI help you with efficiencies on behalf of and for the benefit of your client?

3b.  Sandy Carter mentioned – a search engine “for all the bots,” organized by category.  Inspired to build your own Chat Bot?  The site can help with that, too.

4.  Christopher Penn's Rule of Thumb for the Future:  If you do it 3 or more times, that activity can be automated.  If you use a template today, tomorrow – automation.

5. Aw Snap!  What You Need to Know About Snapchat for Business. ~   Article by Joshua Nite, @NiteWrites, regarding BMC’s Head of Global Social Media, Carlos Gil @CarlosGil83, who presented on Snapchat at SMMW.

  • Brands are Seeing Amazing Success on Snap
  • How to Build a Following on Snap
  • Content that Engages on Snap – and more!

6. So…first, FOMO means “the Fear of Missing Out.”  It can be the reason someone stays glued to anything (a social media platform, a sports game, and possibly>>>to YOU) MORE.  Brian Fanzo @iSocialFanz spoke about this as part of his presentation on Live Video.  His point related to the idea of informing your audience, educating them in advance of an offer or perk you will make later.  For example, one of Brian’s approaches is a partial video.  To view the last 5 minutes (wherein he shares a useful tactic or nugget of info) – he asks for your email.  Great way to build an email list.  Here’s the key, though:  you must have educated the audience on the value, on what’s to come, so that they WANT to opt-in.  Happened to me as I am writing this post. 

I went to Kim Garst's site to grab a website link, and a pop-up offer appeared.  I was ready to hit the X button & close the pop-up…then I read the offer.  I thought, “YES.  This item offered is WORTH the exchange of my name and email address.  In fact, I was busy capturing the info I wanted for this post, I FORGOT to complete the form! 

I went back to the site and didn’t see the pop-up, so I browsed briefly and found the offer again.  I entered my info into the form that accompanied the offer.  (This was on a separate page dedicated to the offer and the order form.)  Soon as I was done, I was shown a Thank You page with a note as to the time it might take to receive my download…AND an offer for a related product for a small price ($9.99).  The product offer was supported by information as to what to expect from the purchase (what knowledge I would gain) and enumerated specific take-aways.  Motivational content to promote a sale.  (See below; click-thru will take you to the Boom!Social Products page.)

How might you serve up a primary free offer to your clients, and possibly follow that with another offer?  Both items could be free.  Among your goals for this type of activity should be a) gather email addresses from people who are interested in the first offer, and b) determine the percent who also accept the second offer.  This is trackable information to help you build your audience as well as to TAILOR future content you produce, based on the activities and responses of your audience.  It will inform where you should spend your time – what topics to prepare for your blog, webinar, next book, next presentation, etc.  AND – in those activities, you can also implement this approach of Offer #One, Offer #Two, and so on.

7.  LIVE is no excuse NOT to have a STRATEGY. ~ @iSocialFanz Brian Fanzo, and many Social Media thought leaders are great at encouraging people to step out there & Just Do It.  The reminder here is, yes – press the button on your phone to quickly, easily go Live with video – but if you also plan to leverage the results to cultivate leads and attract business, you should have a strategy.

Strategy planning should not delay your efforts to go live.  Simply make time to outline the goal of the recording/event, the main points to be covered/discussed, how you will open and close, and what you plan to do with the resulting content.

8. GrowthBot – great for marketers – works inside Slack & Messenger.  ~ @Sandy_Carter

9.  Foundational, gate-keeper question related to the value of what you post:  Would YOU share it?  Great reminder from Amy Schmittaur - @Schmittastic


10.  Because it’s social Best Practice to show gratitude, I was able to conclude my trip with a heartfelt TYVM (Thank You Very Much) to the American Airlines team @AmericanAir at the SAN airport – for expediting me to my plane.  It was my fault for cutting my time too close to allow for the long TSA line.  The AA team member fortunately had the time to help me, and was courteous (even with her appropriate, and kindly worded reminder to:  make more time prior to departure). 

As soon as I plopped into my window seat, I tweeted to AA to show my appreciation, so that they were aware of how their brand performed that day, and so they could share my appreciation with their staff in San Diego.  Also…because of prior assistance from AA via Twitter, I knew their Social Monitors would be listening and would respond (barring any other higher-order issues, such as weather-related delays).  @AmericanAir responded inside of an hour (40 minutes, actually).  Pretty fast, considering I wasn’t asking for a reply (like a re-booking).

As I’m writing this & reviewing my Tweets & Twitter feed, I realized that advice from @TheJoeyColeman & tweeted by @CSPenn – "Be Strategic in your appreciation" – is technically what I did yesterday.  Who knew? 😊


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