Twitter Round-Up March 11, 2017

Twitter Round-up:  A glimpse of notable comments, ideas, links, and articles.  Topics relate to:  law/legal practice, digital, analytics, social media for lawyers, ethics, innovation, SEO, business development, marketing, and the future of law.

BELOW:  Machine Learning is Regulable · Northern Trust & IBM to Disrupt PE Lawyers · The Only Thing Changing Faster than Tech? Consumer Expectation · Where Live Video/Marketing is Heading · Self-Esteem, the Ultimate Drug · SEC Rules re: Exhibit Hyperlinks & HTML · 5 Overlooked Principles Shaping Your Business' Destiny · The First $100m Client · Has the Grim Reaper Come for the Law Firms?

1.  The Complexity of Machine Learning Does Not Make It Unregulable ~ @FrankPasquale

2.  Northern Trust + IBM to Disrupt Private Equity Lawyers ~ @ArtificialLawya

6.  SEC Issues Rules Governing Exhibit Hyperlinks & HTML Format ~ @Legal_Alerts

7.  5 Overlooked Principles Shaping the Destiny of Your Business ~ @StratandBiz  "Until you grasp these five principles, you're not prepared to lead a digital company."

8.  The First $100 Million Client ~ @BTIConsulting

9.  Analytics & process improvement continue to impact how companies manage outside legal services ~ @CodeXStanford  That was the tweet that led me to the article...which began with the following sentence: