Twitter Round-Up January 28, 2017

Twitter Round-up:  A glimpse of notable comments, ideas, links, and articles.  Topics relate to:  law/legal practice, digital, analytics, social media for lawyers, ethics, innovation, SEO, business development, marketing, and the future of law.

BELOW:  A re-write simplifies Terms of Use · Think of all keywords as branded · Effective marketing strategies · Reminder:  formalize your referral process · How to be a thought leader via social media · The value of automation · Fake lawyers may be scraping blog content · Ways to add value & inspire loyalty

Lawyer's Re-Write Simplifies Instagram's Terms of Use ~ @ronfriedman

"All Keywords are BRANDED Keywords!" - @LarryKim, @sengineland    

Click here for the related infographic from CBS Small Business Pulse.

Click here for the related infographic from CBS Small Business Pulse.

A Playbook for Becoming a Thought Leader on Social Media ~ @iSocialFanz  NOTE:  If you want to learn more about social media, follow Brian Fanzo.    

Fake Lawyers May Be Scraping Legal Blog Content ~ @BobAmbrogi   

Beyond Excellent Service -- How Can Firms Add Value & Inspire Loyalty? ~ @natlawreview 
This article is a preview to a panel at the Marketing Partner Forum.  My comment: "A hallmarks to differentiate today is how you will partner with clients (as a business partner, beyond a legal advisor).  One panelist also includes additional professionals from Marketing and IT, to help differentiate his firm and to foster meeting all of the client's needs, not just the present matter. 

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