Twitter Round-Up January 21, 2017

Twitter Round-up:  A glimpse of notable comments, ideas, links, and articles.  Topics relate to:  law/legal practice, digital, analytics, social media for lawyers, ethics, innovation, SEO, business development, marketing, and the future of law.

BELOW:  AI shows off · Linkedin has conversion tracking · The FTC challenge for a cyber security solution for home IoT · This genius bar went to medical school · Un examen de las predicciones para la práctica digital y legal · 10 ideas for content · Will Snapchat's style survive the IPO?

Near 80% Accuracy in Trial Predictions with AI (Artificial Intelligence) ~ @david_bilinsky    

ROSS (AI) Outperforms Westlaw, Lexis alone ~ @kevinokeefe

LinkedIn Announces Conversion Tracking Capabilities ~ @GiraffeSM    

IoT, Home Devices, Cyber Security, & the FTC - oh my! ~ @PeterSVogel  The FTC offers cash prize to the public for a tech solution to better protect home devices against vulnerabilities.     

Forward Aims to be the Apple of Doctor's Offices ~ @TechCrunch  What's taking place in the world of Healthcare...could easily apply to the future of Legal. 

¿Cómo puede evolucionar marketing digital para los abogados en 2017? ~ @PuroMarketing Analysis of predictions related to the digital evolution in law.   

Unsure What to Post?  10 Content Ideas ~ @CarlosGil83    

Can Snap's Secrecy Survive the IPO? ~ @business     

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