Twitter Round-Up December 10, 2016

Twitter Round-up:  A glimpse of notable comments, ideas, links, and articles from the prior week.  Topics relate to:  law/legal practice, digital, analytics, social media for lawyers, ethics, innovation, SEO, business development, marketing, and the future of law.

BELOW:  10 ways to repair online reputation · lawyers need tech skills to remain competent · how to bring conversational style to your writing · rankings are not a business goal · 7 ways to rock SEO · e-discovery & second requests · how google hummingbird works · the microsoft linkedin - what to expect

This was a busy week because of the annual Digital Summit in Dallas.  Here ya go:

Rankings are not a business goal. ~ @iPullRank (Michael King) at the 2016 Dallas Digital Summit (DDSum).
Mike King said this during his in-depth SEO session at DDSum.  Of course, he was primarily referring to rankings on Google and similar often-requested goals for SEO.  I believe the thought also pertains to legal rankings.  In recent years, the call has increased for lawyers and firms to eschew the pay-to-play lists, as well as ranking lists of all types – though the Chambers guides may be an exception.  The January 2017 Marketing Partner Forum provided an almost unanimous verdict from In-House Counsel:  ignore the ranking lists.  One holdout said, “I do read Chambers.  …though, I have never used it to hire someone.”

7 Facts About Cats that will Help Rock Your SEO ~ @Wilde_Agency
I try to refrain from the use of too many things "cats" in my content because I know it may be off-putting to some.  The title of this item might make you ignore the content, and I encourage you to reconsider.  For example: "Fact #3: Cats don’t want to be told to what to do. But they will follow you if they see a benefit in it."

What Sets Second Requests Apart from Other eDiscovery Projects ~ @kCura

How Google Hummingbird Works ~ @NeilPatel

Microsoft Acquires LinkedIn -- Reveals What's Next ~ @Verge

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