How Is Flip Cat Different? 8 Distinguishing Features

An attorney recently asked me, “How are you different from a digital agency?”   We were at a networking event after my presentation on Practice Development.  An ally of mine, Mark Neace with SyncLab Media, had just provided a solid reply to another question regarding the value of video and how an attorney might optimize his or her own YouTube channel.  Flip Cat often engages strong allies to collaborate on projects – from professional photographers, graphic artists, and writers to specialists in SEO, culture management, and specific social media platforms like Facebook.  We work with Synclab to deliver solutions to our mutual clients.

But, how are we different from a digital agency?

Here are 8 distinguishing features of the Flip Cat approach to working with lawyers and professionals:

1. We think about Marketing from a Legal point of view – from Your point of view.

An Office Administrator of a leading AmLaw firm once told me, “You are the most lawyer-like marketer I have ever met.”  (And, that was before I obtained my JD.)  What she saw was my ability to originate creative solutions (big-picture visualization) while keeping an eye on bottom-line objectives, details, and budget.  I also strive to consider your clients’ needs (in addition to yours) – and require such long-range thinking from my colleagues.

2. Long-term Vision.

Whether engaged by short-term contract or on-going retainer, we are not order-takers.  Clients engage Flip Cat because we take a partnership approach.  We strive to understand your business and your objectives for growth, and we also delve deeper to learn as much as possible about your clients.  For comprehension on both fronts, we must take a long-term view regarding outcomes, resources, and leverage to craft relevant, effective strategies.

3. Elevation.

To take your practice to the next level, to raise your game…

#1:  You play your part by demanding the best of yourself and by continuously developing your knowledge. 

#2:  Likewise, we develop our knowledge (of you, your work; of trends, tools, competition; of implications for compliance) in order to elevate your profile in your target market, elevate your ability to tell your story, expand the market’s recognition of your capabilities.  We help engage you with prospects and clients -- our knowledge is your reward.

4. More Freedom.

We manage details on behalf of your freedom.  Flip Cat manages initiatives in a way that enables you to a) concentrate on your work without petty distractions, and b) find peace of mind through confidence in our work.   We harmonize our approach with the style by which you prefer to receive information:

  • If you want “just the facts, ma’am”:  we manage the ongoing details and apprise you of milestones.
  • If you want details and analytics:  we serve up requested reports as often as you like, in the format you prefer.
  • If you want assurance of compliance:  we regularly review bar advertising and ethics rules, especially related to new tools (e.g. digital, video); can manage your applications for approval; and Teresa regularly presents ethics CLEs on compliance and social/digital media.
  • If you want assurance of confidentiality:  Flip Cat engages with clients in the same manner you do with yours -- with the utmost respect for you, ethics, and confidentiality.

5. Experience

We leverage the best areas of our experience working with large, global firms, regional firms, boutiques, and solo practitioners; work with other professionals such as CPAs; and work with Business-to-Consumer and non-services businesses -- to suggest appropriate best practices for your business.

6. We keep you abreast of relevant tools to keep your business at the forefront of digital, social, and business strategy.

  • Flip Cat and our team members enjoy keeping up with the latest trends and technology for business and the business of law.  We search out forward-looking social, legal, digital, and marketing tools and practices – and share them with you.
  • We attend and are involved with prominent organizations at the forefront of emerging technology.  
  • We also deliver training and presentations to develop your abilities, including ethics CLEs.

7. Broad, deep network.

We extend our reach through strategic alliances, with whom we collaborate or recommend for various initiatives, and/or refer to as resources.  Examples:

Attorney Venue

Argent Media

SyncLab Media


PJ Dunn

Defense By Design 

Rhi Lee Photography

Social Media Examiner

Lex Blog

The Rainmaker Institute

Larry Bodine

BTI Consulting Group

Mark Schaefer/Businesses Grow

SBOT Advertising Review

8. The Moral Obligation

Full disclosure:  I have adopted this from a colleague because I completely agreed with it when I heard it three years ago, and because it embodies my approach to business.

(Wait!  Why would I share a phrase from a possible competitor???)  

Number one, I view Stephen as a colleague, not a competitor - despite the fact that we offer similar services.  He IS stronger in some ares, his company is stronger in some areas than I or my company might be.  I view him as someone to work with, to learn from  - not fear.  And, that is my view of many of my colleagues:  we may collaborate on a given project, while another would be better suited for just one of us, and we may refer business to each other.

Number two, it's up to the client, ultimately.  Even when making the case above, there is still the important dimension of "fit." 

Number three, I thought you might appreciate the sentiment in the quote and adopt it for your own motivation.


We believe we are the best at what we do because Flip Cat...

  • Looks at marketing from your viewpoint; with
  • Long-term vision; to help
  • Elevate your profile; and give you
  • Freedom to focus on your best use of time; and we 
  • Leverage our relevant experience to suggest best practices;
  • We apprise you of cutting-edge tools; and
  • Our network extends our knowledge and reach for your benefit.

Use your favorite digital tool and contact Flip Cat today!