Flip Cat Book Summary: The Success Principles

Several years ago, I was working with someone who had noticeably progressed in her professional attitude and aptitude.  During this period, I realized that she had spent every morning listening to something on her headphones (long before the modern era where earphones are commonplace at work).  I asked what she was listening to and she replied, “It’s The Success Principles.  There are six CDs – would you like to listen to the first one?”  I said yes, because I always enjoy learning something new, and I was eager to hear what had captured her attention.

A month later, she stopped me in the hallway:  “Teresa – are you FINISHED with the first CD yet?”  I had enjoyed it so much – I kept playing it over and over because the concepts were useful and motivating.

There are 64 principles in the book/CDs.  You can read the book straight through or skip around and read sections that pertain to your present challenges.  I recommend that you must read and employ the Principle Number One before anything else – in order to fully achieve in other areas.

Principle Number One:  Take 100% Responsibility for Your Life. 

As this chapter emphasizes, "…you either create or allow everything that happens to you… The one thing that will change your results is change in your behavior.”  After Principle Number One, the rest of the principles guide you to 

  • goal-setting, 
  • the power of visualization,
  • the value of strategic associations,
  • overcoming your inner negative voice, 
  • develop techniques to move you from idea to achievement, and more.

I also recommend you get the audio book -- so that you can listen to it while commuting or traveling.  You'll appreciate how the re-hearing the concepts generates fresh ideas, depending on your immediate challenges.

The book is by Jack Canfield, one of the authors of Chicken Soup for the Soul.  I believe you’ll find The Success Principles book and/or CDs a resource for motivating you into action and a means for re-charging your creative mind.

Flip Cat Consulting regularly leads training sessions, professional retreats, and lunch & learn programs that incorporate books such as The Success Principles.  Contact us today to book your upcoming event.