Flip Cat Book Summary: QBQ!

You don’t have to be a Scrabble player for the letter “Q” to grab your attention.  It’s a less-frequently seen letter in the English language.  And, when the primary title of a book has two Qs, not to mention the only other letter also being a consonant – it makes you look twice.
I think I heard of “QBQ” from Dave Ramsey.  Someone occasionally calls into Dave's radio program and, as a parting question, asks him for suggested reading.  I believe his list that I heard first in 2009 included “QBQ – the Question Behind the Question.”

The book is only 115 pages and presents a concept that is easy to grasp, and likely one that will make you say, “I knew that on a subconscious level.”  The keys are:  mindset and implementation.

The gist of QBQ relates to The Success Principles summary where I emphasize that the first principal, Taking 100% Responsibility for Your Life, must be mastered first in order for the other principals to have any effect.  The QBQ method asks us to turn our thoughts from inward focus (Why am I always the one…?  When are they going to explain this…?  Who is going to take care of…?) to outward and more active focus:  How can I help?  What can I do to excel today…?  What can I do to understand more deeply…?  The outward-, action-directed questions require you to assume responsibility for finding a solution.

If you are an entrepreneur, desire to be a leader (or better leader), or have responsibility for producing results – QBQ-style thinking and acting will raise you from the muck of unproductive complaining toward effective momentum.

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