Why Law Firms Should Invest in Good Web Design, NOW

This is so good, I had to share.

Many law firms this spring and summer have been searching for marketers to assist with their firms' website revisions.  If you are exploring website re-design, I encourage you to keep the ball rolling because

1. Waiting means you may look out of date and out of pace among your peers and among the industry;

2. Waiting means you are losing the value of content production that can aid in your business development efforts;

3. Waiting to update your website means: you are losing money every day.

I saw this post today, and wanted to share it because it details what I have been advised clients:

The Truth About B2B Web Design and Why You Should Invest In It ~ by KinesisInc.com

Stats from KinesisInc.com article

Stats from KinesisInc.com article