Tonight: Brian Fanzo Speaks on Live Streaming & How to Think Like a Fan

One of my other hats is as VP of Programs for Social Media Dallas.  That position enables me to bring engaging speakers to the DFW area and share the latest topics related to the realm of social media and digital/integrated marketing.

Tonight, SMD hosts Brian Fanzo, @iSocialFanz, in person, to discuss live streaming, how to leverage the new platforms Meerkat and Periscope as well as video to build and promote your business relationships, as well as his "Think Like A Fan" approach to business.  I have to emphasize the "in person" part, because many people already know Brian from his live-streamed presentations in cyberspace.  The interesting element for tonight's meeting:  in addition to the typical live speaker format, we will live stream a "debate" between Brian and Mark Kaye, of the syndicated Mark Kaye Show, thus demonstrating the technology in real time.

To achieve this with the supporting tech infrastructure necessary, the meeting will take place in a new location, Geek House Dallas, 13702 Gamma Road, just southeast of the Midway-Spring Valley intersection.  Geek House is the home of and is outfitted with some terrific sci-fi, "geeky" treatments like a Star Trek transporter platform, a Harry Potter-esque lamp post and marker for "Platform 9 3/4," a frozen mold of Han Solo, and a Dr. Who Tardis.

Within 60 days of launch, Periscope had 2 million daily users
— Business Insider

Launched in March 2015, Meerkat and Periscope are only months old, yet their rapid evolution has taken communication to a new level.  “Live stream is a technology that allows you to connect to your audience in real time, to have a live, authentic, mobile-to-mobile experience,” says Brian.  As you broadcast on the platform, you see viewers’ comments and reactions to the content you provide – allowing you to respond on the fly and modify your responses according to audience feedback.  The resulting videos may be saved if you choose, or can ultimately disappear (within 24 hours from Periscope, for example).  For more on the platforms and how they may apply to you, see my prior post xxxxx.

The videos generated from live streaming are less refined than a highly-produced item a company might post on its website, yet give the content a more authentic feel – making it a helpful tool for relationship-building.  Live stream also provides an additional tool for storytelling, content generation, and learning from your key target customers.

Brian and Mark will discuss

  • ways to capture live stream conversations and track the followers for follow up later,
  • examples of how to add a call to action to the close of your broadcast and include relevant links,
  • the power of video and how brands are using it today, and
  • how any brand can use live streaming to engage and build a community.


Location:  Geek House Dallas in Addison, 13702 Gamma Road.  Registration and networking starts at 6:00PM, presentation begins at 7:00PM.

Brian Fanzo is the Change Evangelist and a Partner at Broadsuite Media Group, the arm of Broadsuite that helps enterprise technology companies utilize new technology such as Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud Computing.  Brian has done more than 750 live streams including work with brands IBM, Applebees, and SanDisk, and was the recent closing keynote speaker at the first annual Periscope Summit in New York.

Mark Kaye is an award-winning radio personality who has hosted morning entertainment shows along the East Coast, from New Jersey to DC to Florida.  His strong voice, quick wit, and ability to connect with audiences has made him a Snapchat star and sought-after speaker.