Should you add a QR code to your business card?

Original date: 11 Jan 2012

Last week, a client asked me, “Should I add a QR code to my business card.”  My answer?  That depends.  The very next day, I saw a tweet leading to this article, “The Uncertain Future of the QR code.”

A QR code lets you direct the location to which you send people: your home page, a web page for a short-term promotion, your blog, etc.  Thus, my initial response asked my client to consider why she would want a QR code – where might she want to direct her clients and contacts?

A second consideration, especially since we were looking at placement on business cards, was the permanence or impermanence of the destination.  For example, if you place the QR code on your business card and it sends people to a page on your website that three months from now you decide to update or revamp, how will that future change affect the QR code as a useful destination?

But, the overarching question that should be answered first is, “How does this fit into your 2012 Marketing Plan?”  Too often, people rush to consider a new marketing or business development opportunity without real thought as to whether it makes sense within the grand scheme for their business.  …Possibly because they never outlined a comprehensive marketing or business development plan for the quarter, the year, the new venture and so on.  Without a plan, it is all too easy to become distracted by trends and promotional offers before factoring in their relevance to your main goal.

If, however, you take the time to outline your objectives, write them down, prioritize, and add dates and targets for benchmarking, follow up, and accountability – you will not only deal better with impulsive opportunities when they arise, but you will be more successful in staying on track with your main purpose.  Jumping from trend to trend can leave you feeling unfocused and unproductive.  So to summarize, first draft a plan, then you will know whether that QR code, advertisement, social media tool, speaking opportunity, bus bench ad, sponsorship, or other attractive “red, shiny, candy-like button” etc. makes sense for you.