Is there life after dormancy?

We'll see...

After quite a protracted absence, I have returned to my blog and re-vamped my website.  Will I be able to resume the blog and persevere with a regular presence after such a long absence?  Let's hope so!

Despite being in the "communications business, despite even posting a blog article on the value of regular writing, I fell into a common trap among bloggers: ignoring, or letting your blog go dormant.

I used as an excuse the fact that I was focused on client work.  That was true and it is a blessing to have work!  Still, I should have devoted a portion of my weekly time to work ON my business.  This is a key entrepreneurial principle - to avoid spending too much time working IN your business (i.e. covered up with work demands or at least letting work get the better of you) and neglecting to spend time ON your business:  devoting a set amount of time to marketing and promoting your business, to researching new information and trends related to what you do or where you have interests, and communicating that knowledge to your contacts.

So, it is with this entry that I hope and plan to write more regularly.  AND, more importantly, review my blog for comments and interaction from the interwebs.  A sincere thank you to those who provided comments and feedback to the original version of this web/blog.  I am indebted.  I hope you will stay tuned.